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Senior Transportation Engineer – Department Technical Lead (PE)

Posted: 05/05/2024

Job Overview

A Technical Lead at Stahly has oversight of the department’s technical output and product: including technical goal setting, providing technical guidance and quality control and quality control for projects. Responsible for staying current with advancement in technology and promotes mentoring and career development of Project and Staff Engineers within the department. Maintains design and CAD software and department standards and procedures. We are looking for an individual familiar with transportation engineering for a variety of private and public projects across the State of Montana. Deals with all portions of the design and works with all applicable codes. This position will work directly with the Transportation manager and will be placed in charge of multiple projects as needed.

Essential Functions of the Job

  • Serves at the direction of the Regional Managers.

  • May serve as Project Engineer or Project Manager on design projects and is responsible for client management within the department.

  • Responsible for developing technical processes and methods within the department to promote design efficiency.

  • Responsible for ensuring proper codes and industry standards are used and followed in the department.

  • Provides mentoring and training opportunities to Project and Staff Engineers within the department. Approves requests for educational opportunities outside of day-to-day mentoring.

  • Promotes an open environment and is approachable for mentoring and guidance on technical issues.

  • Responsible for maintaining quality control of products produced by the department through review processes.

  • Ensures that the proper codes and standards are supplied and used within the department.

  • Responsible for the department staying current on technical and code issues within the department and ensures that code issues are addressed uniformly across the department.

  • Ensures that current software is provided that allows thorough and efficient design.

  • Provides opportunities for career growth and advancement to Project and Staff Engineers within the department.

  • Responsible for reviewing and recommending training of staff to department and office management for approval.

  • Assists the Department Manager for review, goal setting and monitoring of departmental finance; specifically, revenue, expenses, backlog, procurement and profit of the department.

  • Works with the Department Manager in developing the Department Tactical Plan and is responsible to ensure our “Practice” is the focus and priority of our “Business” by setting department technical goals/benchmarks.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Requires thorough technical knowledge in the department’s area of expertise.

  • In-depth knowledge of all guidelines, codes and laws

  • Skill and experience in staff supervision and project management.

  • Thorough knowledge in the preparation of drawings, details and technical deliverables.

  • Ability to establish and maintain mentoring relationships with department staff.

  • Empowers and encourages team members, to take on new category opportunities.

  • Focuses on team development, giving constructive criticism even when it’s hard.

  • Communicates effectively, answering questions directly – while tailoring the message to fit the audience.

  • Shows high emotional intelligence

  • Possesses problem solving skills – backing advice with data

  • Active listener

  • Respects others

  • Prioritize personal development – attends industry relevant, thought leadership opportunities

  • Encourages strategic thinking and creative exploration

  • Delegates work, follows up and holds themselves and people accountable

  • Takes accountability

  • Shows deep passion for their work.

  • Thought leader/visionary staying up to date on trends

  • Cares about others and their success.

Required Education and Experience

B.A. or B.S. in Civil Engineering, Licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.), minimum of 8 years of engineering experience

Physical Demands (if any):

Field operations may include walking and standing for extended periods of time and/or lifting equipment in excess of 50 lbs.

Work Environment:

Can be located in any Stahly Engineering office and/or in temporary field offices operating for extended periods of time. Must be prepared for both the office environment and field operations.

Please provide resume and references to Human Resources: 3530 Centennial Drive, Helena, MT 59601 or visit

Equal Opportunity Employer.